NSW dominate National Youth Championships


NSW dominated the 2014 Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls at Coffs Harbour as the NSW Metro and NSW Country teams topped the table in the Under 13s age division and Under 15s age division respectively.

In addition, NSW Country topped Group B in the Under 13s while Football West walked away Under 15s Group B Winners.

Individual awards also went NSW’s way as Country NS’s Eliza Ammendolia was crowned the Under 15 Player of the Championship while Alyssa Rose was awarded with the Under 13 Player of the Championship.

NSW also faired tremendously well in the officiating department as Rebecca McKenzie claimed the Under 13s Referee of the Championship while Jessie Sapsed was crowned the Under 15s Referee of the Championship.

A huge congratulations to all NSW teams and officials involved in what was a memorable National Youth Championships.

Winners as follows;

Under 13 Group B Winners: NSW Country

Under 15 Group B Winners: Football West

Under 13 National Champions: NSW Metropolitan

Under 15 National Champions: NSW Country

Under 13 Referee of the Championship: Rebecca McKenzie (NSW)

Under 15 Referee of the Championship: Jessie Sapsed (NSW)

Under 13 Goalkeeper of the Championship: Morgan Acquino (Football West)

Under 15 Goalkeeper of the Championship: Hannah Southwell (Northern NSW)

Under 13 Player of the Championship: Alyssa Rose (NSW Metropolitan)

Under 15 Player of the Championship:  Eliza Ammendolia (NSW Country)


Day 5

Under 13s

9.00am Victoria Metro 4 (Natile Scicluna 9', Irene Paracki 23', 28', Kathryn Vlahopoulos 44') def. South Australia 2 (Caitlin White 11', Ella Tonkin 51')

10.25am Queensland 2 (Leah Davidson 16', 20') def. Football West 0

11.50am Northern Territory 5 (Shadeene Evans 4', 15', 24', 38', 44') def. Victoria Country 2 (Caitlin O'Brien 12', 50')

1.15pm Northern NSW Select 3 (Hollie Constable 47', 50', 53') def. NSW Country 0

2.40pm Capital Football 2 (Karly Roestbakken 14', Georja Dickie 24') def. Tasmania 0

4.05pm Northern NSW 1 (Lucy Kell 60') drew NSW Metro 1 (Isabella Volkanoski 19'

Under 15s

10.25am Northern NSW 5 (Zoe Jones 42', Olivia Creswick 45', 53', Georgia Taggart 48', 58') def. Northern Territory 0

11.50am South Australia 1 (Grace Abbey 31') def. NSW Country 0

1.15pm Capital Football 5 (Jasmine Maguire 7', 28', 54', Georgie Thomson 17', Alexia Karrys-Stahl 44') def. Tasmania 2 (Phoebe Djakic 24', Keilin Fagan 38')

2.40pm NSW Metro 3 (Christina McGrath 5', Danielle Bishop 52', Ashlee Harrison 58') def. Victoria 1 (Francesca Iermano 54')


4.05pm Football West 3 (Alexia Moreno 6', Abbey Meakins 15', Kizanne Mulder 18') def. Queensland 0


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