Winners galore at futsal’s night of nights


Enthusiastic and vocal club members, players and supporters underpinned a glittering futsal dinner at WatervieW, Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday 11th of March the perfect way to end a fantastic 2016/17 SELECT Futsal Premier, Premier 2, AWD and State League competitions.

Senior players in eye-catching attire and juniors in smart outfits and beautiful dresses mingled comfortably with Football NSW officials as the state futsal community banded together to congratulate this year’s award winners.

All clubs were well represented and combined terrifically for a spirited atmosphere at the formal event, exemplified by mannered kids, proud parents and a sense of camaraderie.

Master of Ceremonies and former FOX Sports correspondent Mark Chester took charge as the host of the evening’s activities, with Board Member Chris Gardiner delivering a warm welcome to all guests as he applauded this year’s competitions as the best yet.

Full List of Award Winners

Futsal Media Award - Campbelltown City Quake

Young Referee of the Year (Mario Mazzeo Award) - Jared Katz

Referee of the Year - Nicholas Backo

Service Award - Scott Kidson


Coach of the Year AWD 2 Futsal League        

Greg Brown - Phoenix Futsal Club

AWD Futsal League - Bill Gurney - Dural Warriors

Futsal State League - Guillermo Piriz - International Football School Futsal Club

Select Futsal Premier League 2 - Adriano De Melo - Eastern Suburbs Hakoah Futsal

Select Futsal Premier League - Kyle Del - South Coast Taipans

AWD Player of the Year AWD 2 Futsal - Warren Song - Sydney Futsal Club

AWD Futsal - Rocco Musumeci - South Coast Taipans


Fustal State League Player of the Year           

12 Boys - Noah Nicholls - Central Coast Futsal Club

13 Girls - Ashleigh Bax - International Football School FC Ellie Howard - Parramatta Pumas FC

14 Boys - Lachlan Strahan - Western Wolves Futsal Club

15 Girls - Sara Piriz - International Football School Futsal Club & Molly Reckless - Parramatta Pumas

16 Boys - Sasha Kuzevski - Central Coast Futsal Club

17 Girls - Jessica Garrett - International Football School Futsal Club

Youth Men - Diego Molina - SD Raiders FC

Open Women - Oriana Keane - International Football School Futsal Club

Open Men - Daniele Chiandotto - SD Raiders FC

Select Futsal Premier League 2 Player of the Year     

12 Boys - Callum Powell - Campbelltown City Quake

13 Girls - Gisella Pipino - Eastern Suburbs Hakoah Futsal

14 Boys - Ethan De Melo - Eastern Suburbs Hakoah Futsal

15 Girls - Eliza Pereira - Campbelltown City Quake

16 Boys - Martin Fernandez - Sydney City Eagles

17 Girls - Emma Voloder - Raiders Futsal

Youth Men - Anthony Haddad - Campbelltown City Quake

Open Women - Karly Vouros - Eastern Suburbs Hakoah Futsal

Open Men - Dean Lockhart - Campbelltown City Quake


Select Futsal Premier League Player of the Year        

12 Boys - Kaidyn Wright - Enfield Rovers Futsal Club

13 Girls - Pene Bonovas - Mountain Majik Futsal Club

14 Boys - Jamal Belkadi - Dural Warriors

15 Girls - Monique Holder - Mountain Majik Futsal Club

16 Boys - Kosta Tsournakakis - Mascot Vipers

17 Girls - Bianca Galic - Inner West Magic

Youth Men - Michael Kouta - Enfield Rovers Futsal Club

Open Women - Mariel Hecher - Mascot Vipers & Alexia Guerinoni - UTS Northside Futsal Club

Open Men - Jordan Guerreiro - Mountain Majik Futsal Club


Futsal State League Club Championship 2016/17                   

Central Coast Futsal Club


Futsal Premier League 2 Wendy Thomas Club Championship 2016/17                      

Campbelltown City Quake


Futsal Premier League Dawn Gilligan Club Championship 2016/17                

Inner West Magic