Masters of football: Students complete coaching courses


Football NSW is broadening the horizons of students studying their Masters in Education by offering football coaching courses. 

In conjunction with the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Football NSW recently gave students from the university the opportunity to complete the Grassroots Coaching Course. Working over three sessions the ACU students undertook course at the ACU football grounds in Strathfield. 

An impressive number of students, 70, participated in the program that was run by Football NSW Coach Education Manager Oscar Gonzalez.

Gonzalez highlighted the importance of offering coaching courses to university students.

“Doing the Grassroots Coaching Course meant that when these students go back to teach at their schools, they can provide further knowledge to their pupils.

“It’ll offer students at schools a better footballing experience when taking part in the sport at school.

“The program will also help these new teachers implement what they learn into other sports, not just football.”

The course that was run had a specific educational focus to coincide with students’ learning within their Master’s degree.

In November, Football NSW will conduct a similar program at the University Of Western Sydney.

by Nikola Pozder