Madagascar Project in full swing


The Rotary Club with the assistance of Football NSW are looking at the distribution of football kit donations to be delivered to the villages of Madagascar in June this year as part of a special drive in promoting the world game.

Give a group of disadvantaged young people from a developing country a football, a strip for 22 players, a park and a referee, and you have a football game.

Sadly the youth in the villages of Madagascar have little to excite, motivate or challenge them.

The majority of the 21 million inhabitants of Madagascar survive on less than $2 per day, therefore, no funds are available to purchase luxury items such as sporting equipment

Football NSW and its many associated members have with their generous gift of many items of football strip given the youth of Madagascar a new purpose and lease on life.

It has allowed these great young people, through sport, the opportunity not only to positively interact in their own village but also with adjoining communities.

It was a real joy for the visiting Rotary team to view football games with the players proudly wearing their newly acquired strip.

In some situations, this was the first 'new' article of anything these young individuals have ever worn.

As one young footballer said to a member the Rotary team, "Please thank the kind people of Australia for my shirt as wearing it makes me feel important, proud and valuable.

“My life will never be dull and boring again"

The Rotary team leaves again in June 2016.

Donations can be dropped off by March 31st at:

BND Engineering

206 Riverstone Parade



Contact: Gareth Bradley on 96271222 or Howard Bradley on 0419627086