FFA Cup: How it affects Football NSW Teams?


With the official announcement of the FFA Cup now officially unveiled, the question has been raised how and when does this involve our very own Football NSW clubs?

Waratah Cup

The Waratah Cup is a knockout competition administrated by FNSW. Entries are open to Senior Men’s teams affiliated to FNSW and were open to other recognised Member Federations of FFA.

In 2014 the Waratah Cup will be the qualification pathway for the FNSW teams to the FFA Cup, the competition will be limited to FNSW Clubs to protect the allocated positions to FNSW in the round of 32.


The FFA Cup is a National Knockout competition administrated by FFA.  FNSW administrates the Waratah Cup which will act as a qualifying cup competition to determine the Clubs eligible for participation in the inaugural FFA Cup (Round of 32 onwards).  From the round of 32 onwards, the FFA cup will operate exclusively and independently of the Waratah Cup.

Waratah Cup 2014

The Waratah Cup will continue to be coordinated along the same principles as it has done in previous seasons.

The Quarter Final cup stage (8 teams) will act as the qualification fixtures for the FFA Cup; the winners of the respective matches (4 teams) will gain eligibility for entry to the FFA Cup.

The losers of the respective fixtures (4 teams) will play off in a fixture for two spots into the FFA Cup.

The losers of the two playoff matches (2 teams) will play off in a further playoff match for the final position that is available for the FFA Cup.

The playoff teams will be seeded prior to the Waratah Cup commencing through the pre cup draw procedure.

The match schedule will confirm the FNSW FFA Cup representatives by Thursday 12 June 2014; with a contingency plan to be put in place if inclement weather is experienced.

The deadline for nominations to be presented to FFA for the FFA Cup is 22 June 2014.

To maintain the historical value and the prestige of the Waratah Cup competition the match schedule would continue through to the Cup final that is scheduled for Sunday 6 July 2014, this date will have no adverse impact on the FFA Cup round of 32 as it is scheduled to kick off July 22 2014.