Pink Slip for Over 35s – Have you got yours yet?


With the outdoor winter football season only just around the corner, over 25,000 footballers over the age of 35 are ready to hit their field of dreams by playing the game they love.

The classic statement, ‘The World Game’, is set to engulf NSW in April when all grassroots competitions commence its hugely anticipated season with 2016 earmarked as being one of the biggest years to date with player figures continuously growing – especially in the Over 35s category.

Being one of the fastest growing segments of the game, weekend warriors male and female over the age of 35 are to looking to get fit or stay fit whilst enjoying the interactions with friends and the larger football community.

Football NSW Chairman Greg O’Rourke, an active grassroots player also, echoed his sentiments about the importance the ‘Pink Slip’ campaign played.

“The ‘Pink Slip’ serves an almighty purposes in the continual growth of our game here in NSW.

“Football is a great way to keep fit and healthy, prolonging activity and promoting personal well-being in a safe environment.

“People who exercise regularly also feel more energetic, manage their weight better, have lower blood pressure and have stronger muscles and bones.

“However registered players should not take their health for granted just because they can still kick a ball.”

Corey Cunningham, Chief Medical Officer at Football NSW, issued a call to arms in light of Football NSW’s second successive ‘Pink Slip’ campaign encouraging footballers to get a health check with their local GP.

“Like any physical activity at this age, you need to ensure you are prepared for the start of the season and continue to monitor and manage your health through the season.

“Before you start this season, we encourage you to get your "pink slip".

 “Three very simple steps I recommend are Check in with your GP, Get Active and Watch your diet and beverage consumption.”

Corey is one of a number of ambassadors leading the cause and promoting Football NSW’s ‘Pink Slip’ campaign.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of messages for the campaign.

To ensure that all footballers continue to enjoy the game they love, Football NSW asks you of one thing. See your GP and get your ‘Pink Slip’ early this season.

It is possibly the most important investment you will ever make.

You need to be healthy to stay healthy.

Football NSW would like to wish everyone a great season and hope that you all enjoy every moment. 

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