Disciplinary & Tribunal Decisions

Set out below are decisions handed down by the Football NSW General Purposes Tribunal and Appeals Tribunal (Tribunals).

Section 12.19 of the Football NSW Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations (adopted on 21 February 2013) allows Football NSW to disclose decisions of the Tribunals on its website subject to any confidentiality or any other legal requirements.

By electronically disseminating the decisions, Tribunals can better educate the football community about certain conduct, make precedent-setting decisions readily accessible, promote transparency and demonstrate accountability.






Committee & Tribunal Members

Football NSW appoints Tribunal members pursuant to section 5 of the Football NSW Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations (adopted on 21 February 2013 and amended on 10 March 2014 and 4 March 2016). 

Under appointment by Football NSW, a Tribunal member agrees to be bound by and to comply with the Football NSW Code of Conduct.

Initiates file downloadFootball NSW Code of Conduct

Set out below is a list of committee and tribunal members appointed by Football NSW for 2016. 


Current Appeals Tribunal Members

Anthony Lo Surdo SC    Co-Chair

Iain Todd                      Co-Chair

Zali Steggall OAM         Vice-Chair

Graham Turnbull SC      Vice-Chair

Peter Mulligan              Tribunal Member

Julia Sorbara                Tribunal Member

Iain Rennie                   Tribunal Member

David Stanton   Tribunal Member

Michael Holmes    Tribunal Member

Ivan Griscti    Tribunal Member


Current General Purposes Tribunal Members

David Lewis                  Chair

Ben Jones                    Vice-Chair

Marcelo Valerio                   Vice-Chair

Duncan Tweed              Tribunal Member

Louis Fay’dherbe          Tribunal Member

Mendo Cklamovski        Tribunal Member

Ray Lovat                     Tribunal Member

Tyrone Dutt                           Tribunal Member

Alex Brown                           Tribunal Member

Courtney McLean               Tribunal Member


Current Disciplinary Committee Members

Barry Hoare                  Committee Member

Richard Arrange             Committee Member

Clive Cachia                  Committee Member

Sandra Robinson          Committee Member

Robert Iaconis               Committee Member

Aaron Koelmeyer           Committee Member

Theo Wisman                Committee Member

Geoff Leverton              Committee Member


Stan Allatt                    Committee Member


If you are interested in being considered to be on one of the abovemetioned bodies, please contact tribunal@footballnsw.com.au