Standing Committees

Football NSW has established the following Standing Committees:

  • Men's Premier Competitions Standing Committee;
  • State Leagues Standing Committee;
  • Coaches and Technical Advisory Panel;
  • Referees Advisory Panel;
  • Women’s Standing Committee;
  • Futsal Standing Committee; and
  • Grassroots Standing Committee

Standing Committee are important vehicles for assisting Football NSW in achieving a better environment and value equation for the football community. This includes all participants in our game, including players (men and women, elite and grassroots, junior and senior), coaches, referees, administrators and the broader football community. Football NSW is committed in using these vehicles as an opportunity for openness, transparency and inclusiveness with the broader football community.

Initiates file downloadRead the Standing Commitee Members Code of Conduct


Men’s Premier Competition Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadInformation on Nominations for Election as Member of Men's Premier Competition Standing Commitee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form

Alberto Mariani (Marconi)

Bruce Lawrence (Sutherland Sharks)

Steve Goodwin (Macarthur Rams) – EXISTING DEPUTY CHAIR

Charles Abdilla (Mounties Wanders) - EXISTING DEPUTY CHAIR

Jarek Pacholski (Fraser Park)

Dino John Di Giulio (Hills Brumbies)

Director Responsible: Charlie Yankos / Simon Philips

Staff Member: Phil Brown


State Leagues Standing Committee

David Bertenshaw (Hawkesbury City FC)

George Ganiatsas (Gladesville Ryde Magic)

Vic Zappia (Granville Rage)

Mark Nicholaeff (Northbridge FC)

Anthony Yawanis (Southern Bulls)

Peter Sarikakis (Hurtsville City Minotaurs)

Ian Falshaw (Southern Branch)

Director Responsible: Anter Isaac

Staff Member: Troy McColl


Coaches and Technical Advisory Panel

Paul Wade

Darren Graham

Andy Harper

Craig Foster

Jim Fraser

Jamie Amendolia

Max Groll

Director Responsible: Stephen Hayes

Staff Member: Alex Tobin


Women’s Standing Committee

Sandra Awondatu (Gladesville Ravens)

Scott Farquharson (St Christophers Club)

Sharon Egger (Manly United)

Russell Baker (St George FC)

Leigh Wardell (NWSFA)

Nina Cheyne (Southern Branch)

Donald Robb (Southern Branch)

Director Responsible: Jeanette Jones

Staff Member: Nadine Shiels


Referee’s Advisory Panel

Alex Glasgow

Sarah Ho

Ryan Shepheard

Sean Morgan- Smith

Simon Micallef

Anthony Tasovski

Director Responsible: Mark Reading

Staff Member: Kris Griffiths-Jones


Grassroots Standing Committee

Peter Budd (NSFA)

Sam Kalouris (SDSFA)

Greg Storey (Lilli Pilli Football Club)

Erwin Budde

Director Responsible: Greg O'Rourke

Staff Member: Hayley Todd


Futsal Standing Committee

Frank Rossi (Indoor 5's Futsal Club) - EXISTING CHAIRMAN

Phillip Dolton (Northern Tigers Futsal Club)

Mark Seeto (Dural Warriors)

Leslie MacLaren (East Coast Heat)

Roslyn Hunter (Phoenix Heat)

Director Responsible: James Chetcuti

Staff Member: Troy McColl