Frequently Asked Questions: NSR Australia – National Scouting Report How did Football NSW get my son’s/daughter’s details?


Contact details were retrieved from the My Football Club database where all players are required to register in order to play football in NSW.


How has my son/daughter been identified?

All boys and girls invited to a particular trial are randomly selected based on:

• Age

• Address

• Level of football played in 2013


Who are NSR?

NSR Australia is an agency that provides student-athletes with the opportunity to play football in the USA whilst studying for the degree of their choice. Some student-athletes may be offered part or full scholarships by some educational institutions, however a scholarship is not guaranteed.


How did Football NSW become involved with NSR?

NSR are associated with a number of state football bodies around the country, with NSW being the last on the list to partner with NSR. Football NSW initially wanted to gauge how the program operated, what was needed and to see if it would genuinely have the opportunity to positively impact a player’s football experience.


Some facts about NSR’s recruitment:

• 283 players travelled to the USA in August 2013 which is up from a total 187 players in 2011.

• 84% of Australian soccer athletes who play regularly in college remain in the USA for 3 or more academic years

• 79% of Australian soccer athletes who do not play regularly in college remain in the USA for average 13 months


For further information about the process or NSR, please contact their Head Office on 03 9773 1333 or phone David Plowright at Football NSW on 02 8814 4430