Womens Trials

Please find following details relating to the trial periods for the 2015 Competitions.

Approved trial dates have been established to ensure all players are provided the opportunity to trial in the Football NSW Competition/Program environment.

The staggered scheduling allows those players that are unsuccessful in trialling for the Football NSW Institute or an NPL team to have an opportunity to be selected for a team in divisions below. 

Trial Period

Trials are to conclude by the identified Finish Date. No trials are to be conducted prior to the advertised dates. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in sanctions or penalties determined by Football NSW in its absolute discretion

In order to maintain the integrity of the Futsal Premier and State League Competitions no trials are to be scheduled on ANY SATURDAY during these periods in order to allow all players the opportunity to meet their Futsal commitments.


Applicable Age Grades

Official Trial Periods are applicable to the following age grades only. For clarity, any age grade not mentioned in the table below is not limited in its trial window.

Football NSW Competition/Program

Age Groups

FNSW Institute - Girls

U13, U14, U15, U16, U17

NPL NSW Womens 1

U13, U15, U17

NPL NSW Womens 2

U13, U15, U17

Womens State League

U13, U15, U17


Club Trials

Southern Districts (22/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Southern Districts

More Information: www.sdsfa.com

Contact: Rosanna Lentini

Phone: 0417 291 505

Email: officeassist@sdsfa.com


Bankstown City Lions FC (20/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)


More Information: www.bankstowncityfc.com.au

Contact: Dejan Strezovski

Phone: 0435 090 088

Email: dejan.strez@optusnet.com.au


Gladesville Ravens (20/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Gladesville Ravens

More Information: http://www.gladesvilleravens.com/home/

Contact: Rob Barbagallo

Phone: 0408 440 698

Email: gladesvilleravenswomen@gmail.com


Mt Druitt Town (17/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC

More Information: www.mtdruitttownrangers.org.au

Contact: Mark Roberston

Phone: 0425 236 539

Email: rangersfc@eftel.net.au


NWS Koalas (16/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: NWS Koalas

More Information: http://www.nwswf.com.au/

Contact: Kahl Buchanan

Phone: 0477206872

Email: kahl.buchanan@dataprocessors.com.au


Inter Lions SC (13/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Inter Lions Soccer Club

More Information: www.interlions.com.au

Contact: Emilio De Brito

Phone: 0403 363 744

Email: info@interlionsfootballwpl.com.au


Macarthur Rams (09/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Macarthur Rams Womens FC

More Information: www.ramswomen.com.au

Contact: Richard Harrison

Phone: 0415853991

Email: ramswomen@internode.on.net


Blacktown Spartans (08/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Blacktown Spartans FC

More Information: http://www.blacktownspartans.com.au/index.php/44-latest/192-youth-league-trials

Contact: Paul Costantini

Phone: 0400 330 667

Email: spartans@bdsfa.com


Marconi Stallions (08/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Marconi Stallions FC

More Information: http://www.clubmarconi.com.au/default.aspx?id=12

Contact: Jesse Mariani

Phone: 9822 3349

Email: jmariani@clubmarconi.com.au


UNSW Football Club (07/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: UNSW Football Club

More Information: www.unswsoccer.com

Contact: Greg Sharp

Phone: 0403441080

Email: coachfc@optuset.com.au


Northern Tigers (07/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Northern Tigers FC

More Information: www.northerntigersfc.com.au

Contact: Jason Eagar

Phone: 0402429727

Email: technicaldirector@nsfa.asn.au


APIA Leichhardt Tigers (02/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Apia Leichhardt Tigers FC

More Information: www.apiatigers.com

Contact: Gianfranco Impellizzeri

Phone: 0498 101 010

Email: admin@apiatigers.com


Nepean FC (01/10/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Nepean FC

More Information: www.nepeanfc.com.au

Contact: Matt Rippon

Phone: 0405 758 086

Email: matt.rippon@nepeanfootball.com.au


Sydney University SFC (15/9/2014)

Trial Type: Womens (U13 to 1st Grade)

Club Name: Sydney University SFC

More Information: http://www.susfc.org.au/

Contact: John Curran

Phone: 0405 148 254

Email: j.curran@sport.usyd.edu.au