Grants & Funding

Australian Government Grants

FAHCSIA Volunteer Community Grants

Grants up to $5k for small equipment. One application round per year.

Local Sporting Champions Program

Financial assistance to eligible athletes aged 12 - 18 years.

Refugee Youth Sports Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship of up to $500 per player is available to cover costs associated with playing team sports, including registration and game fees, uniforms, and playing equipment.

Australian Institute of Sport Scholarship Program

Contact the Australian Sports Commission on 02 6214 1111

Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program (EITAAP)

Applications open year round for eligible applicants.

Sport Leadership Grants and Scholarships for Women

Grants available up to $5000 for individuals and $10,000 for organisations.  Grants and scholarships are available for coaching, officiating, governance, management and administration, communications, media and marketing. One round of applications annually.

Multicultural Youth Sports Partnership Program

Grants available for eligible organisations that can demonstrate a capacity to develop strong partnerships to deliver sustainable sport participation programs for youth from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, and assist in integrating them into sporting and physical activities. 

National Officiating Scholarship Program

Grants aim to assist in developing emerging high performance officials.  Mentoring is a key component of the program.


Grants & Funding Workshops

Do you want to apply for a grant but don’t know where to start  or you have been applying for grants but have been unsuccessful, then maybe you need to attend a Grants Workshop?

Writing Winning Grants Workshops - NSW Sports Federation

Education Courses & Workshops - Sport & Recreation

The Community Funding Webpage - Winning Grants Seminars, Top Tips, Samples of winning grants and other resources.


Applying for Grants

Grants vary according to the relative grant criteria so ensure that you read all grant information and criteria in full before applying. 

Most grants are offered to assist sport with facility development or improvements, grounds development, equipment purchases or the development of players, administrators or volunteers.  Grants can also be offered for development in specific areas such as women's, indigenous, officials and disability.


How much money will you get?   

Grant amounts vary. Your organisation might also be expected to contribute a proportional amount of money to the project.


Grant Applications 

When submitting a grant application ensure that:

  • you have read the grant criteria
  • the application is completed in full
  • the information provided is accurate and truthful
  • you have provided the correct information
  • you have answered any questions asked in the application
  • you have included any Council related project information e.g. The project has Council approval or pre-approval or Council is a partner in the project.
  • your own contact details, phone numbers and email addresses are provided and are correct.
  • Plans, approvals, birth certificates, references and any other documents as required in the criteria have been included.
  • the application form is signed
  • you have made a copy of the application and the documentation before lodging
  • the Grant Application is lodged by the Due Date


Remember to ensure the information provided is truthful, don't exaggerate the facts as the information you provide will be checked by the grant provider.

If you are unsuccessful in your first application, don't let this deter you from applying again as the quantity and quality of applications lodged varies each round.


Closing Dates

Complete your application in full and lodge it prior to the closing date and then phone or email the organisation to check that your application has been received. 



For most Government grants you will need to be an affiliated member of Football NSW either directly or through your local football Association. You may also need to be an Incorporated organisation and/or a registered not-for-profit organisation.  You may also need to provide an ABN number. Ensure you read the criteria and check these requirements well in advance of the lodgement date.


Your Grant Application Has Been Approved - now what?

If you are fortunate enough to have your application approved then well done, you're over the first hurdle.  You may now be requested to provide more detailed information or costings.

If it is a project grant you may also be asked to provide:

  • Council approval or pre-approval on Council letterhead
  • Quotes
  • Project plans - these might include timelines, key tasks, project specifications
  • Detailed budget - income sources, matched funding, other grants, specific expenditure.
  • Invoice - they may require you to issue an invoice to them for the grant amount
  • Your bank details - to enable them to make a payment to your bank account

For individual athlete grants and scholarships or education or volunteer grants this could include:

  • Travel records or detailed travel log book for travel grants
  • Fuel receipts for travel grants or other receipts
  • Letter confirming your position in the team
  • A copy of the Invoice for an education course or scholarship
  • A letter confirming your voluntary position at the club

These requirements can vary depending on the type of grant approved.

More information on getting that grant available here