First Aid & Defibrillators


Pre-Participation Health Checks

§   Health Check for Over 35 players "Pink Slip"

Emergency Response

§   In an emergency Dial 000

§   When to call an Ambulance

§   How to perform CPR

§   First Aid Basics

§ for nearest Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy & other services

§   24 hour Medical hotline 1800 022 222


FFA Concussion Guidelines set out the guiding principles regarding the management of concussion in football in Australia. All incidents of concussion are required to be treated in accordance with the FFA Concussion Guidelines including clearance by a Medical Practitioner and adherence to the Return to Play Program.

Concussion Guidelines

§   FFA Concussion Guidelines

§   Concussion information - Australian Sports Commission new

Concussion Tools

§   Pocket Concussion Recognition tool

§   Concussion - Assessment tool for children 5-12 years

§   Concussion - Assessment tool for Teens and Adults

§   Clubhouse Concussion Awareness Poster

Returning to Play after Concussion

Return to play following concussion should be in accordance with Concussion Guidelines - Annexure 1, including:

§   a clearance by a qualified Medical Practitioner before a player can return to training or playing, and

§   minimum of 6 days before a player can play a competitive game – if return to play is managed by a Medical Practitioner

§   minimum of 14 days before a player can play a competitive game - if return to play is not managed by a Medical Practitioner.


First Aid Fact Sheets

§   All NSW Ambulance First Aid Fact Sheets

§   Anaphylaxis & Allergy First Aid

§   Asthma Management Factsheet & Asthma First Aid Chart

§   Blood Rules

§   Dental Injuries 

§   Epilepsy - First Aid

§   Sudden Cardiac Collapse & Health Checks (FFA Information)

§   Heart Health - Know your risks

§   Heart Attacks in Football

§   Heart Attacks in Youth

§   Sports Drinks Factsheet

§   Sun Safety Resources and Factsheets

§   Teeth Injuries

Injury Report Forms

Participants are required to report all injuries to their club.

§   Injury Reporting Form (Injury report to club)

§   Serious Injury Report Form  (Critical injury report to FNSW)

§   Insurance Information

 Medical Information Forms

§   Medical Profile Form

§   Medical History Form 

Club First Aid Planning & Training

Emergency Planning

§   Medical Emergency Plan

§   000 Medical Emergency - clubhouse poster

First Aid Courses

§   Football First Responder first aid course   

§   General First Aid Courses

§   St John First Aid Courses

§   Red Cross First Aid Courses

First Aid Kits

§   SMA First Aid Kit Information

§   St John First Aid Kits

§   Red Cross First Aid Kits

§   Football Corner

Defibrillators (AED)

CPR and the use of a defibrillator gives a person in cardiac arrest the best possible chance of survival. Football NSW is currently working with clubs to increase awareness of the importance of pre-participation health checks, to increase number of CPR trained club personnel and defibrillators at grounds

All club enquiries regarding defibrillators contact Football NSW on 02 8814 4402 or Opens window for sending emailemail 

Hot Weather

§   FNSW Hot Weather Policy

§   Heat Stress Index

§   Playing in the Heat FIFA

§   SMA Hot Weather Guidelines

§   Heatstroke - symptoms & treatment

Injury Prevention

§   FIFA 11+ warm up program

§   Football Health & Nutrition

§   Health Check for Over 35's players "Pink Slip"

§   Injury Prevention in Football

§   Mouthguards

§   Safety Guidelines for Children and Young People in Sport 

§   Safety Guidelines for Clubs, Associations & Facilities

§   Women in Sport - injury prevention & factsheets

§   Goalpost Safety Policy 

§   Hot Weather Policy

§   Sun Safety Policy

§   Lightning Safety Policy

§   Lightning 30-30 Rule poster

§   Workplace Health & Safety


§   FFA Sports Supplements Guidelines

§   FFA National Anti-Doping Policy


 Energy Drinks

§   Energy Drinks - Caffeine Drug Information

§   Energy Drinks factsheet

§   Risks of Energy Drinks Examined

 Club Posters

§   CPR Chart

§   Medical Emergency Plan

§   Calling an Ambulance

Other Links

§   Sports Medicine Australia

§   Smartplay

§   NSW Ambulance Service

§   Australian Sports Commission 

§   Australian Drug Foundation

§   Play By The Rules