Working With Children Check


The Working with Children Check plays an important part in safeguarding children involved in football and in providing a child safe and child friendly sport environment.


  • The WWC Check is a mandatory NSW Government requirement.
  • All paid employees working with children under 18 years MUST have a WWC Number.
  • All volunteers working with children Under 18 MUST have a WWC Number (unless exempt)
  • All clubs with registered players U18 MUST be compliant with the WWC Check.

It is illegal:

  1.  For a person to work or volunteer with children (u18) if they require a WWC Number and have not provided their WWC Number to their club.*
  2.  For a club to engage a person in paid or voluntary work with children (u18) if a person requires a WWC Number and has not provided the club with a WWC Number.*
  3.  For a club to not verify WWC Numbers provided to them and have on record the details of each verification.

* If a club needs to employ someone urgently, a club can verify an APP number after the applicant has attended a NSW Service Centre.  The club must verify the APP number on-line and the verification result must read as "In Progress" before the person can commence.  The person, must still provide their WWC Number to the club as soon as it is received and within a reasonable time of commencing the role.


WWC Guideines for Clubs, Associations and Referee Branches

WWC Guidelines for Volunteers and Paid Employees



Retrieve your WWC Number at NSW Kids Guardian website 


Person's exempt from the WWC must sign an MPD Form and provide the form to their club.


  • Volunteer parent who coaches or manages their own child’s team or close relative's team (see Definition below)
  • Volunteers under 18 years of age   
  • Grounds persons
  • Guest presenters or speakers for a one-off presentation
  • Persons who work or volunteer with children visiting NSW from another State to attend an event where the work in NSW will be for no more than 30 days in a calendar year.

Note for clarification:

  • Police Officers are not exempt
  • School Teachers are not exempt
  • Committee members are not exempt, even if their own child attends the club
  • Referee coaches, referee mentors and referee assessors are not exempt
  • Persons who have relocated to NSW and hold a working with children blue card or clearance from another State are not exempt


A close relative is defined as a spouse or de facto partner of the person; or a child, step-child, sibling, stepsibling, parent, step-parents, grandparent, step-grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew of the person.

WWC Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  We only have volunteers at our club, is our club exempt from the WWC Check requirements?

No, your club is NOT exempt from the WWC Check requirements.  All Club Committee members and MPIOs and other volunteer roles require WWC Numbers.  

Q2: Who requires a WWC Check?

  • All paid persons who work with children under 18 yrs
  • All volunteers who work with children under 18 yrs, unless exempt.
  • Volunteers including:
    • Coaches, managers, trainers, youth co-ordinators, technical directors
    • Committee members, MPIOs, Canteen Managers and Board members who assist with the delivery of activities, events or functions that involve children aged under 18
    • Tour directors and chaperone
    • Referee coaches, referee assessors, 
    • Mentors
    • and all other persons working or volunteering with children under 18 years.

Q3: What is the definition of paid?  Any payment, honorarium, lump sum, out of pocket expenses including in cash or kind such as discounted player fees. It is not payment where reimbursement is paid and a receipt for expenses is provided. 

Q4: What if someone refuses to provide a WWC Number, full name or DOB to their club? They cannot work or volunteer with children under 18 years.

Q5: Where can I get a WWC Number?  Apply online at 

Q6: Do existing paid employees need a WWC number?   Yes, all paid employees who work with children u18 must apply for a WWC Check and provide their WWC Number to their employer.

Q7: How long does a WWC Check last?  A WWC Number lasts years

Q8: What does a WWC Number look like?   Paid position WWC1234567E    Volunteer position WWC1234567V

Q9: Can I use a volunteer WWC Number for a paid position?  No. You must go on-line and upgrade to a WWC for paid employees.

Q10. Can I use a paid WWC Number for a volunteer position?  Yes, a paid WWC Number that ends in an 'E' can be used for both paid and volunteer positions.

Member Protection Information Officers

It is a mandatory requirement of FNSW that every club, association and referee branch has at a minimum of one (1) Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). For more information click here.

WWC Compliance Audits and Fines

The NSW Office of the Children's Guardian is authorised to conduct audits on organisations for compliance with the WWC Check.  Failure to comply can result in significant Government fines, including an $11,000 fine for clubs found to be non-compliant and non-compliance report to NSW Police. It is a requirement of Football NSW that all clubs, associations and referee branches and all persons who are required to comply with the WWC Check are compliant.  Football NSW reserves the right to conduct WWC compliance audits on any club, association, branch or referee branch affiliated to FNSW and/or covered by FNSW insurances.

Child Safe Club Culture

Having a child safe culture at your club is integral to providing a child safe and child friendly sport environment. Committees and MPIOs should have a good understanding of the principles of child safety in organisations.

Click here to view ACCG Principles for Child Safety in Organisations

Click here to view Child Safe Organisation workshops


FNSW Member Protection webpage

NSW Office of Sport - Safeguarding Children 

Enquiries & Assistance

NSW Office of the Children's Guardian

Phone: 02 8219 3600 or visit

Football NSW Member Support

Phone: 02 8814 4402 or e-mail




FNSW Child Protection Training Requirements for Coaches & Managers

Previously known as Working with Kids (WWK) Seminars, it is a mandatory requirement of Football NSW that all coaches and managers complete child protection training if they are registering as a team official for teams with players aged U18 years.

Click here for more information about Child Protection Training requirements